Albert Riederer

Six years ago the world lost the bright, shining goodness of Albert Riederer.   As you know, Albert was a man of integrity, compassion, and generosity who cared deeply about justice and serving the needs of the least among us.   In gentle and unassuming ways, Albert contributed to the common good every day of his life, inspiring others to imitate his selflessness.  For indeed, generosity begets generosity.

In the months preceding his death, family and friends of Albert, with his blessing, decided to establish a fund that would support Bishop Sullivan Center’s work to help people in need. It is aptly named, “The Albert Fund.”   Those donations amounted to $136,000 and Bishop Sullivan Center has used those funds in the past six years to help people in great need.

When many of us gathered to celebrate Albert’s life at his home church of Visitation in December of 2012, we heard the words of the Prophet Daniel, “Those who lead the many to justice shall shine like the stars forever.”   Through Bishop Sullivan Center, Albert’s story has been shared and his star has continued to shine as the Fund has served the needs of those who go without in this city we call home. 

But six years is a long time--the fund now stands at less than $13,000 and the needs of the community remain.  It is our hope that together we can replenish the fund and thus continue the work of justice and compassion in Albert’s name.  Please, do not let the light go out.  

If you can make a donation, know that 100% of it goes directly to help someone with a basic need.