Did you know? 

260 meals are served in our community kitchen each night
1,200 families receive groceries from our pantry each month 
128,000 individuals face food insecurity in Jackson County alone
Matt Besler, captain of Sporting KC, teamed up with Bishop Sullivan Center to Defend Against Hunger in our community.
We invite you and your family to learn more about hunger, to engage in conversations together, and grow closer through service to others. 


When you sign up for the Defend Against Hunger Challenge, we will send you activities, conversation starters, and service opportunities for you and your family to complete together.


After you complete the Challenge, you will receive a special invitation to join us on an evening in January at the brand new One City Café with Matt Besler.


Together, we’ll celebrate the ways you and your family worked together to Defend Against Hunger.




Yes! We'll take on the Defend Against Hunger Challenge: 


Please fill out information on each family member participating in this program. Once you enter all of your family’s information, scroll down to continue the form. If you’re registering more than 7 participants, please fill out a second form.