Did you know? 

260 meals are served in our community kitchen each night
1,200 families receive groceries from our pantry each month 
128,000 individuals face food insecurity in Jackson County alone
Matt Besler of Sporting KC is teaming up with Bishop Sullivan Center's Defend Against Hunger program to make a difference in our community.
We invite you and your family to gain a deeper understanding of hunger in our city and engage in making a difference by joining us for a Family Hunger Experience. For a short time, get a glimpse of what it is like to provide food for yourself and your family on a limited budget. This hour and half will change your understanding of what it means to wonder where your next meal comes from.
At a Family Hunger Experience, you will:
Face the challenges of low-income families
by walking in their shoes. 
Understand the weight of food insecurity
through experiential activities with your family. 
Advocate and act for change
through collecting food and
being a voice for people who aren't often heard. 

Our goal is that youth and their families take away lifelong lessons: an understanding of hunger and poverty, learning how to set big goals and achieve them, and choosing as a family to let their actions reflect their values. At the same time, the food collected through Defend Against Hunger is the difference between dinner and an empty table tonight for thousands of families.


Dates to participate in a Family Hunger Experience this summer are coming soon!

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Please fill out information on each family member attending a Defend Against Hunger event. Once you enter all of your family’s information, scroll down to continue the form. If you’re registering more than 7 participants, please fill out a second form.