• How are you funded?

    About 80% of our income is from individual donors.  People like knowing their donations are getting directly to people in need.  The other twenty percent comes from local foundations or government grants.

  • How many people do you help?

    For the 2017 fiscal year, we had the pleasure of serving thousands of individuals and families throughout our community: 

    • An average of 255 people per night enjoyed a hot meal in our Community Kitchen, adding up to 61,200 evening meals throughout the year.
    • An average of 1,200 households received groceries from our food pantries each month, adding up to 14,284 total families throughout the year
    • 402 people found jobs through our Employment Program
    • 1,546 families received rent or utility assistance for about $339,000
    • 470 people received help with their medical needs through Kansas City's Medicine Cabinet. 
    • 232 people who are elderly or have a disability received air conditioners through Project ElderCool
    • 1,600 elementary school students received new tennis shoes and socks through Operation Heart and Sole
    • 800 children, parents, and seniors received Christmas gifts
  • How big is your staff?

    We have 15 full-time and 2 part-time employees.

  • How do you qualify people for household assistance?

    In order to ensure that we are helping households with a true need, we ask the client to fill out an application. We review these applications and invite qualified clients to make an appointment with a counselor. After we have verified the information and had a counseling session with the client, we write a check directly to the utility company or landlord.

  • Do you take donations of clothes, furniture or appliances?

    Yes and no. Our building is small; consequently, we do not have much storage space. It is best to call before bringing something to us.

  • Do you have volunteer opportunities?

    We do have some volunteer opportunities but due to space constraints and the type of work we do, the opportunities are limited. Serving dinner at our community kitchen is one way to volunteer.  All volunteers should be over the age of 13.  Please contact Angela Fencl at 816.231.0984 or email angela.fencl@bishopsullivan.org for more information.