In today’s age of excess and plenty, it is hard to understand why people…sometimes our co-workers or neighbors…don’t always know where their next meal will come from. Feeding the hungry is one of our most important missions, and we simply cannot do it without your help.

Bishop Sullivan Center distributes groceries from two food pantries and serves hot meals each weeknight from our Community Kitchen. We help 1,200 families each month with needed groceries, and an average of 255 people enjoy a hot dinner in our Community Kitchen each night. To learn more about the Food Pantries, please click here. And remember, all donations to feed the hungry qualify for the Missouri Pantry Tax Credit. 

Sponsor a night in our Community Kitchen 
For a donation of $150.00, you can sponsor a night at the Community Kitchen in memory of a loved one or in honor of a friend or a cause.  Click here to feed everyone who comes to the kitchen on your night.  

Feed The Hungry 
For a donation as small as $1, you can provide a meal to a hungry person or for only $25 you can provide a family with needed groceries.  You can provide a month of groceries to a homebound senior for $25.00 by clicking here. See below for more ways how you can help feed hungry people in Kansas City.

    • Delivery of Groceries to a Homebound Senior
Delivery of Groceries to a Homebound Senior

For just $25 you can pay for groceries to be delivered to a home-bound senior citizen

    • Feed a Family
Feed a Family

Provide a family with groceries for only $25

    • Provide a Hot Meal for One Person
Provide a Hot Meal for One Person

For only $1 you can provide a meal to someone who really needs it.