Bishop Sullivan Center provides household assistance in the form of utilities, rent, and food to people who are in need. If you need assistance, please click on the location below that serves the zip code where you live. If you do not live in one of these zip codes please call 211 (United Way) to find emergency help in your area.  

We also make every effort to assist people with moving forward in their lives through our Jobs Program. Further, through Drive KC to Work, we strive to help low-income workers buy a used, reliable car to help them get to work and further their career. Both of these programs have no zip code restrictions. 

Bishop Sullivan Center
Click Here if you live in one of these zip codes: 64106, 64120 to 64129, 64050 to 64055

St James Place
Click Here
 if you live in one of these zip codes: 64101 to 64105, 64107 to 64114, 64130 to 64134, 64137 to 64138

Bishop Sullivan Center - Kansas
Click Here 
for more information on the Jobs Program. This program is available at this location for anyone who lives in Kansas.