We are committed to helping low-income workers provide for themselves and their loved ones. We see that a lack of transportation can limit one's ability to get to work or further one's career. Through Drive KC to Work, we strive to help low-income workers buy a used, reliable car for $1,000 or less.

In order to be eligible to purchase a car through Drive KC to Work, one must:

  • Have no other vehicles in the household.
  • Be insurable (no SR-22s)
  • Have a valid driver's license and be at least 18 years old
  • Have the means to pay up to $1,000 up front for the vehicle and a maximum of $500 for insurance, tax, licensing fees, and other costs associated with ongoing vehicle maintenance
  • Be current on all of your bills including but not limited to utilities, rent, or mortgage
  • Have a total household income at or below 200% of the poverty level
  • Work 30+ hours a week, have been employed there for over 90 days, and be in good standing with employer OR be a student in a post-secondary education program while working 25+ hours a week. Applicant must provide proof of enrollment.
  • Be referred by a social service agency.

If you are eligible according to the above requirements, please see document below for the application process and FAQs. 

Application Process and FAQs

Drive KC to Work Application

Feel free to contact us with any questions. If you do not find the service you are looking for, please call United Way at 2-1-1 for referral to another organization.