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Defend Against Hunger

Did you know?

  • 260 meals are served in our community kitchen each night
  • 1,200 families receive groceries from our pantry each month
  • 111,300 individuals face food insecurity in Jackson County alone

Matt Besler of Sporting KC teamed up with Bishop Sullivan Center’s Defend Against Hunger program to make a difference in our community. Through Defend Against Hunger, we hope for families with young children to have the opportunity to:

  • Gain an understanding of hunger, food, insecurity, and poverty in Kansas City through experiential activities
  • Learn how you and your family can work together to create change for our community
  • Let your actions reflect your values through service for other families in need 

Families and students in the past have Defended Against Hunger by joining us for a Family Hunger Experience, a simulation in which they gained a deeper understanding of hunger in our city and the barriers that food-insecure families face each day. Families have spread awareness in their communities, reflected on the ways they can help, and led donation drives for items they wanted to ensure that families have. 

We’re grateful for all who have joined us to make a difference for food insecure families in our city. Please check back on this page for future opportunities for you and your family to Defend Against Hunger.