The stories below are real. Each person’s need has been authenticated and vetted. In most cases, as the need was urgent, for example, no running water or a utility disconnect notice, we went ahead and “borrowed” on your generosity, hoping that it would be covered.   We ask each person we help to write a Thank-you note.  When you Help One, we will forward you the often heart felt and always gracious note that has been written.  Thank you for considering to “Help One”.  

Heather - Perseverance

Heather entered our employment services program following becoming homeless. She just started a new job several months ago when she was diagnosed with cancer and because of her short time on the job, she wasn't eligible for FMLA. She and her 1 year old are living in her car while she desperately seeks employment. She is getting interviews but has no proper attire for customer service jobs. She needs help with interview clothes, shoes and gasoline for her car. With her perseverance, and our support, she knows she will land a job soon.

  • Status: Open
  • Expense: Jobs
  • Ref#: 389747
  • $100.00
Burden Lifted