We help the unemployed find work.  Many of those who seek this assistance from us do not have internet access, a practical necessity to job search today.  We teach them how to look for a job, how to interview, how to get a job and how to hold down a job.  In the 2017 fiscal year, we helped 402 people over their hurdles to finding work.  Serious job seekers are helped with clothing, transportation, computer classes, and one-on-one counseling.   This video, about a job seeker, says it best.

A Hire Calling! from Bishop Sullivan Center on Vimeo.

Bishop Sullivan Center helps place hundreds of welfare recipients and unemployed people in jobs each year. If you are an employer, we invite you to learn more about our Job Counseling Service, or you can list a Job Opening.  If you are an employer who is looking for workers, call and ask for our Employment Services Program at 816-231-0984.

A donation to our General Fund supports this important program.