As an incentive to encourage people to make donations to food pantries, the State of Missouri passed a bill in 2013  that gives a tax credit -- not just a deduction -- for contributions to a qualified food pantry in the state of Missouri, including the two pantries operated by Bishop Sullivan Center.

Any taxpayer (individual, corporation or trust) that makes a donation of cash or food supplies to a food pantry may receive a credit of up to $2,500 per taxpayer per year. The taxpayer may take a credit of 50% of their donations. The total amount available for the Food Pantry Tax Credit is $1,250,000 in any one fiscal year.   

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to read about the Food Pantry Tax Credit on the Missouri Revenue Web Site.  

Each year, all claims will be held until after April 15 to determine if the total claimed exceeds $1,250,000. If claims exceed $1,250,000, the department will apportion credits in an equal ratio among all valid returns filed.

Bishop Sullivan Center will provide all necessary filing paperwork in January of 2019.