• Christmas Gifts

    December 2014

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           - Tax Credit Available

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

October, 2014

Also in this issue

     -  Is Bishop Sullivan Center A United Way Agency

     -  Over 200 Come Each Night

     -  Tax Credit Available


"I didn't think I would live this long."

September, 2014

Also in this issue:

     ​-  Good News Bad News (about the Jobs program)

     -  Pantry Tax Credit


Walking on a Tightrope Without a Net

August, 2014

Also in this issue:

   Two Stories by our summer interns

      -  Easing Discomfort by Christopher Morales

      -  True Piety by Alexis Urizar


Where You Can Find Stuff on the Cheap

July, 2014

Also in this issue 

    - Project ElderCool to the Rescue

    - Royals' Billy Butler Goes to Bat for the Hungry