Project ElderCool is Bishop Sullivan Center’s annual effort to help our elderly and disabled neighbors find refuge from the summer’s deadly heat.


Since Project ElderCool began in 2000, over 5,600 low-income individuals in the KC metro area

have found refuge from the heat thanks to a free air conditioner from Project ElderCool. 

When we first arrive at an individual's home, they have no air conditioning at all. Many have been drawing the shades and relying on fans to get by. However, their room is still usually nearing 90° degrees. 

Recipients make their gratitude known through hugs, phone calls, and thank you notes like this. 


Ellen Scott Thank You #8.png



Shelley and Christopher Hugging_cropped.jpg
You can help an elderly person survive this summer.
$100 will cover an air conditioner along with delivery and installation in the recipient’s home.
Providing $50 will help pay their electric bill and offset the cost to run their new air conditioner. 

Know someone who needs an air conditioner? Get help here.

ElderCool -Air Conditioner

Provide an Air Conditioner to an indigent elderly person.  

ElderCool -Electric Account

Add money to an indigent person's electric account so that they can pay for the added energy to run their new air conditioner.