Kansas City Ice Bowl

Sunday, January 28 at Swope Park

The Ice Bowl was created by the KCFDC with the intent to raise funds to fight hunger, have fun, and connect the Disc Golf community in a positive way to the community at large.

Our goals this year are to have 500 participants and
to raise $10,000 for Bishop Sullivan Center. 

See below to donate to Bishop Sullivan Center to provide food, jobs, and aid to our community, and click here to register for the KC Ice Bowl.


Each night, over 250 people enjoy a hot meal in the community kitchen.

Each month, over 1,200 families receive supplemental groceries.

This year, over 1,500 families received assistance to prevent eviction or utility shut off.

This year, over 400 people got jobs with assistance from Employment Services.

Bishop Sullivan Center thanks you for your support of our community!


Kansas City Ice Bowl

Help raise funds for Bishop Sullivan Center through the Kansas City Ice Bowl.