While we have a hard-working, passionate and dependable staff…they can’t do it all.  Our volunteers are a vital component in keeping our programs running successfully.

Volunteer opportunities include: working in one of our pantries, answering phones, assisting us with our monthly mailings, and job placement assistance. To find out how you can help Contact Us.

We often receive calls from grade schools and high schools looking for service projects for their classes. We normally do not have any service projects to accommodate a whole class, but on occasion we could accommodate smaller numbers. Except for serving in the community kitchen, we do not have any volunteer opportunities in the evening or on weekends.

We have over 20 faithful organizations that provide volunteers to serve the meal in the Community Kitchen on their night each month.  Meals are served from 4:30 to 6:00pm weeknights.  Donors who sponsor a night in the kitchen can also serve the meal on the night they sponsor.  Please contact Doug Langner at 816 561 8515 for more information about serving a sponsored meal.