Everything We Do Is Driven By Our Mission

Inspired by Christian faith, Bishop Sullivan Center shows God’s love to people in financial hardship by providing food, help in finding jobs and other aid.

Beyond material assistance, Bishop Sullivan Center strives to build relationships between those who live in poverty and those who do not, promoting mutual understanding and affirming the dignity of all.

Working in service of that mission, we are making a difference in our community.

News and Events


“Cover the Bill Fund” to Help COVID Victims

COVID has left many people unemployed or underemployed. They now have a hard time paying their bills and risk eviction or the cutoff of a utility. Those who are applying for help from Bishop Sullivan Center were just getting by pre-COVID and have no “rainy day” fund to dip into. Their needs are urgent.

Can you help by making a donation to our “Cover the Bill” Fund? 


Our Bag, Our Community

Our Bag, Our Community began with Fr. Jim Lyons effort to help those in need of groceries. “There are things in life that are ‘yours,’ things that are ‘mine’ and things that are ‘ours.’ When people are hungry, food is ‘ours.’” Whether you need to request bags for your own food drive or RSVP to drop off your donations, Your Help for the Community is what we are hoping for.



Bishop Sullivan’s Newest Addition: Rick’s Kids

Rick Koenig was a friend and supporter of Bishop Sullivan Center. Rick passed away last year after a spinal chord injury and to memorialize his kindness, Bishop Sullivan offers a NEW service through it’s food pantries. “Rick’s Kids” will provide items such as diapers, wipes, and baby food for low-income children. To help fill our shelves click here to donate to Rick’s Kids.


Do You Need Help?

 We know that many have lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 virus. Both of our food pantry locations are still open! We are serving sandwiches for lunch and a hot meal for dinner at our community kitchen, One City Café. Look for details under “Get Help.” 

If you need financial assistance, you can apply for a household assistance grant.